THE Procurrency white paper



ProC is Social

With an active community of users and apps focused on sharing and trading within a connected network.


ProC is Disruptive

From the multi-billion dollar rewards industry to ecommerce itself, ProC seeks to put power in the hands of the masses.


ProC is The Future

Long term plans for sustainability, usability, and transaction speed make this coin and platform unlike anything ever seen before.

ProCurrency (ProC) – The Commerce Currency

ProCurrency is designed to transact an exchange of value between a consumer and a merchant.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have created a market to buy and sell digital currency, paving the way for future cryptocurrency expansion. ProC was created for consumers to exchange for goods and services with merchants online and off.

ProC is designed for ease of use, to have consumers feel good about using it and for merchants to have the confidence to accept it. With faster transaction speeds than Bitcoin, and an innovative 4-phase approach to technology, ProC is ready for commerce! Learn more about ProC

The Future of Commerce

The world’s first coin built to be used in commerce, ProCurrency’s platform makes it easy for the everyday user to get started with cryptocurrency while it’s advanced technology provides faster transaction times than Bitcoin. Learn More 

It’s Better than Cash Back

Shop through Pro Rewards on your desktop, tablet or our exclusive mobile app at thousands of major retailers you know and love. Redeem your “Coin Back” rewards for FREE ProCurency (ProC) cryptocurrency! Learn More


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