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Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Accepted by the Masses?

Bitcoin has done a phenomenal job laying the foundation for all crytopocurrencies and there are many merchants and businesses around the world that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. But the big question is, “When will Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies be Accepted by the Masses”

Up until now, Bitcoin is one of the only cryptocurrency coins merchants accept. The masses who are consumers are not yet open to integrating cryptocurrency into their everyday life because it seems difficult and complicated or they just haven’t paid much attention.

What gets the attention of a consumer? Here are some examples that grab the attention of a consumer: free samples, try our product risk-free for 30 days, buy 1 get 1 free, or try before you buy.

We are creatures of habit and our human nature doesn’t generally like change. Over the last 7 years it’s been very difficult for people to accept the change that cryptocurrency has brought to our society.

After the dot-com boom many people focused on selling products to the masses through their website, however companies like Google and Facebook were one of the first to offer their innovative platforms to the masses for free.

When they did this they created mass awareness and mass adoption so much so, that people who were scared to use a computer or accept the internet as a way of life became open to the change. Because of companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, more people feel comfortable to accept this change and now in most cases would rather buy products online than at the local store.

Our desire at ProCurrency (PROC) is to take on this challenge of helping people change their minds about cryptocurrency. PROC’s strategy is offering something of tremendous value for free so the masses will accept cryptocurrency into their everyday life.The best way to do that is to follow proven strategies. Top Marketing firms do it and many companies like Facebook and Google have done it for decades.

Carlos Contreras, the founder says that, “…in the past, cryptocurrencies have appealed predominantly to technical savvy people and some who might not place complete trust in traditional fiat currency. PROC is launching a free application that will allow the average Joes and Janes who currently shop online at their favorite retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Priceline, and Macy’s just to name a few, to earn PRO Rewards that are redeemable for ProCurrency. Consumers can then take those coins and trade them on an exchange, stake them to earn a reward or spend them at merchants that accepts ProCurrency.“

PROC plans to be the gateway to cryptocurrency making it simple and efficient for the masses to accept cryptocurrency into their lives.

Through the development of PRO’s multiple applications, consumers and businesses will be rewarded and rated based on usage and how they share their experience socially online. Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and PRO Commerce is here to stay and the people who recognize it and plug in, stand to stay ahead of the rest of society as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are accepted by the masses.

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