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October 29th Update – Crypto Events Around The World

Sydney Sparkfest Crypto Event – October 23

The PROC marketing team was in Sydney during the crypto events held at Sparkfest this past week. The team came ready with the PROC polo’s, business cards and marketing material. Several valuable connections were made including a new exchange out of Australia that will expose that part of the world to PROCurrency. Furthermore, hundreds of crypto enthusiast were present and saw PROC represented. More details to follow.

Singapore Crypto Event – October 26

The CryptoExpo.Asia event in Singapore on October 26th was another success. Hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and traders were present and again the marketing team did a great job at connecting with several potential PROC partners and exchanges and in exposing PROC to this part of world. More details to follow.

Future Marketing Events

The PROC marketing and development team along with Mims Motors will be attending the Blockchain Expo of North America in San Francisco on November 28. You can learn more about the expo here: More information on this event will follow in the next two weeks.

The PROC team will continue to monitor important industry events throughout the world; our goal is to expose PROC and its value to the world.

Marketing Update

Many have asked us where we are at with the advertising of PROC. As you have probably seen, the regulation of crypto related advertising has been strictly prohibited in most social media platforms. Most of the companies we all know like Facebook and Twitter now have a very lengthy validation process in order to consider allowing a crypto company advertise and most of them are currently closed for new applications. This means that in order to properly advertise PROC and its technology the marketing team has had to implement a new strategy. We are in this for the long-term, which means that we are producing content and articles that add value in the Crypto space, connect with influences, implement a PR strategy and continue to grow our network so more people learn about PROC.

During the last 3 months the overall demand for crypto has stagnated, indicative by the price stagnation by the major coins. Also, we have seen a lot of negative or regulatory news come out during this time which has kept the crypto industry from going up. We truly believe in the long-term value of crypto and of PROC and that is why we are still here. Patience is the key. Get ready.

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