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ProCurrency Announces New Deal With Mims Motors

September 2018 – ProCurrency is proud to announce their new partnership with Mims Motors to be
the exclusive cryptocurrency used for all of the Mims Motors electric recharges of their vehicles. This is a
huge advancement for both of the companies to enter into an agreement together. Mims Motors is
proud to supply electric automobiles to consumers so that they can assist in keeping the future green
for the generations to come. Continuing to drive your electric car means there needs to be a recharge of
the system. These vehicles automatically recharge after 1,000 miles and to do that, you need digital
currency. That’s where ProCurrency comes in. Their new partnership allows you to pay right over Wi-Fi
to get your car charged back up and ready to go the next 1,000 miles.

Mims Motors is the first automobile manufacturer to be owned by an African – American in over 100
years. The owner and founder, Eric Mims, is excited to help change the outlook for manufacturers in the
future. He wants to see them not only taking care of and interacting with the environment but also
having contact and interacting with the community for whom they produce vehicles.

Not only does Mims Motors strive to provide a great quality vehicle to take care of the environment,
they also understand that consumers want to look good as they are being conscious of the world around
them. This is why there are several sleek, sophisticated designs coming out of Mims Motors on a regular
basis. They seek to provide a great looking car that is battery powered, fun, and exciting to drive. In
2019 Mims Motors plans to have over 550,000 vehicles in production and have launched in 29

ProCurrency is an up and coming cryptocurrency company that is striving to provide not only a
functional digital currency but rewards for using their systems as well. In today’s culture, everyone
wants to get a reward for using a company on a loyal basis. That is where their ProRewards system
comes in. You can earn digital currency by shopping online just like you normally would.
ProCurrency also announced recently they are joining the list on a trusted website of other digital
currency and is excited to be developing methods for consumers and retail establishments to work
together in the digital currency world.

They are excited to see where this partnership with Mims Motors takes them as they both work to
better the environment and make it easier for the consumer to make transactions. Digital currency is
here to stay and companies such as ProCurrency make it easy to access and utilize.

About ProCurrency (ProC) – The Commerce Currency:

ProCurrency’s mandate is to be an easy to use and transact cryptocurrency in both online and brick and
mortar environments. It’s designed to be user-friendly for the nontechnical consumer and merchant
alike so that it will evolve into a recognized commerce platform just as Visa and MasterCard slowly
replaced cash and checks. Most monetary transactions occur digitally today, ProCurrency’s commerce-
friendly platform is a logical next step. Built on a secure Blockchain platform similar to Bitcoin,
ProCurrency has a four-phase approach to accomplish its mission. Join the exciting journey! PROC is in it
to change the world.

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