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ProCurrency To Be Featured on Financial News Networks such as CNN, Fox News…Led by Former “Shark” Kevin Harrington

The SinglePoint mass media advertising campaign featuring ProCurrency as one of its drivers will be the first of its kind for cryptocurrency. Heavy product discounts and quality advertising on popular media streams is one of the best ways to reach mass adoption in the retail space and this will apply to crypto currency retail as well. The beginnings of mass consumer migration online retail transactions using cryptocurrency starts now with ProCurrency. The future of the transition to digital currency for everyday consumer use is in sight.

Here’s how ProCurrency and Kevin Harrington got together:

ProCurrency (PROC) has developed a tremendous relationship with Kevin Harrington, an original “shark” from hit TV show SharkTank, over the past 9 months due to an introduction through mutual connections. Kevin, the founder of the Infomercial, was already fascinated in Bitcoin and Altcoins and had been working on ways to merge the new technology with his long history in the retail sector as creator of As Seen on TV. He was intrigued with ProCurrency’s mission to become the retail consumer transaction cryptocurrency with its ProCurrency. ProCurrency’s strong and purposeful focus on becoming the currency of choice for the online retail space is evidenced by its unique “coin back” rewards program that incentivizes consumers to shop using its Pro Rewards App on over 4500 name brand online stores by giving them ProCurrency rewards with every purchase. In addition, ProCurrency will soon be launching an online mall featuring deep discounts on brand name items (many priced below Amazon) where ProCurrency can be used for 100% of the purchase price. This will be a true milestone in converting consumers to shop with cryptocurrency, ProCurrency will be the only digital currency accepted at the mall.

The entire crypto community, from beginners to experienced traders, can look at these new developments and see major upside potential for the future of ProCurrency (PROC) and its ProCurrency!

There is so much more to be released in the coming weeks – Stay tuned!

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