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Visionary Entrepreneur Kevin Harrington Sets His Sights on Making ProCurrency the Online Retail Shopping Currency

Harrington Lining Up Over a Million Products That Will Accept, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Alternative ProCurrency

Question: What do Infomercials, Reality TV and ProCurrency (PROC) have in common? The Answer: Kevin Harrington. With a killer instinct for successfully predicting future market trends, Harrington invented the long-form commercial and created a whole new direct-to-consumer retailing model for broadcast TV. The original Reality TV Star on SharkTank is committing his formidable talents to helping establish ProCurrency as the cryptocurrency that becomes synonymous with online retail sales.

In a recent interview, Harrington said his biggest career successes have come from great timing, from getting in front of a trend and working like crazy to maximize his profits. He created multiple infomercial brands like the George Foreman Grill by taking a concept from a consumer curiosity — no one had ever seen a 30-minute commercial before — to a proven direct-to-consumer vehicle that has sold billions of dollars of consumer products and continues to do so.

After a conversation with billionaire Richard Branson about personal brand building, he decided that he should build his own brand. Deploying his experience in selling billions of dollars of retail products, he went on to be selected as an original Shark on the smash hit Reality TV show SharkTank. An overnight celebrity around the world because of his ability to pick product winners, and his excitement and know-how about bringing products to market, Harrington is now using his entrepreneurial status to network his way into boardrooms of companies he covets.

So what does brand building and riding the wave of this new form of TV…Reality TV … have to do with ProCurrency? The January 12th ProCurrency blog discussed Harrington’s evolving interest in Bitcoin and ProCurrency — Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency gold standard and ProCurrency as the cryptocurrency that leads the mass adoption of cryptocurrency to the world’s consumers through online retail transactions. As a direct-to-consumer retail expert, he understands that you need products, lots of products, to get people to transact online with cryptocurrency. Harrington loves that PRO Rewards, with its Coin Back Rewards Program and its 4,500 online retail outlets, is evidence of ProCurrency’s commitment to Crypto-commerce. Harrington announced that he is in the process of using his business network to connect online retailers to ProCurrency.

One of several companies he mentioned was, the site that specializes in excess new and refurbished and overstock consumer electronics such as computers, electronics, home goods, jewelry, watches and cellular phones. competes in the online retail space with companies like eBay and has more than eight million customers in its database. has more than one million products available. Kevin revealed that’s products will be made available in the soon to be released Pro Mall. The Pro Mall will offer’s products and many other products at deep discounts and will exclusively accept only ProCurrency. Harrington will introduce Pro Mall to UBid’s entire database and will continue using his connections around the world to help fill the product pipeline even more to support the ProCurrency’s Development Team’s commitment to becoming THE Online Shopping Currency.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. To follow, or even be a part of, ProCurrency’s growth as it gains momentum through consumer adoption in the Cryptocurrency market, follow ProCurrency (PROC) on Coin Market Cap

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